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Vivid Hospitality Services is a New York based staffing company that has an array of talented Bartenders, Waiting Staff, Kitchen Staff, Housekeeping Staff and beyond. Our staff are all experienced, friendly and helpful professionals who want to contribute to making your event as memorable and hassle-free as possible. We let you provide the party, just let us take care of the details. Accountability and reliability are important for us. We get the job done exceeding client’s expectations with great results! 

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Meet VITA 

Hi, I’m Vita Vitruk, CEO of Vivid Hospitality Services. 


I began my hospitality experience as a server in small outsourcing agency in New York. I worked at different positions for 4 years before I decided I wanted a different experience. Then looking for a change I created my own agency, with my rules and vision. 


I’m a perfectionist by nature, I take great pride in finding the perfect fit for both out clients and staff. I am anticipator. You won’t have to say it twice. My strong suit? Fostering team spirit, enthusiasm and commitment in my people. My mission? To lift the practice of hospitality recruitment to higher ground. 


All my life I had always wondered what was beyond this world - my world is business I do.

I don’t work I build incredible teams. I believe life is too short to do work you hate.  



Whatever your staffing needs, we will be able to provide fully trained, immaculately presented staff to meet the high expectations and needs of your event. All our staff are articulate, hard-working and highly presentable with a positive attitude to work. Our strict interview and training process means that we create and maintain high standards from the very beginning. Our in house training procedure for all staff has two stages: basic skills training during their interview followed by an in-depth training session, in which we cover all aspects of delivering great service. Staff learn how to set up for different types of events be it formal dinner, drink reception or bar, including details such as boxing tables and napkin folding.

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